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Open Search Network is a dynamic and young headhunting company,
specialised in Data, Digital Experts.

Welcome to the future of search.
Welcome to the open search.

At Open Search, we’re all about being open. We are all about you.
We’re all about finding the right solutions for you.

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We Love, We Embrace, We Believe:

At Open Search Network we understand that the business world is changing, the way we work and communicate is still changing. We embrace this change and we have created the Open Search Network to address this.

We believe one of our greatest assets is our work ethic while headhunting. Our agency was created from a need to work differently – a need to work more ethically and more openly.

We are passionate about what we do and our beliefs and work ethic drives how we work. Fundamentally, there are 3 factors that form the basis of the Open Search Network:

We love technology
  • It’s our passion and we make it our mission to be in tune with all the latest technological developments.
We embrace the digital environment
  • We understand the sector and what people do within it – we know what we’re talking about.
We believe in uniting talent with business
    • Our mission is to unite the best talent with the best businesses.
Here’s how we’re different:
We don’t differentiate

We treat all our contacts as equals, clients and candidates.

We don’t rely on a database

We use the Open Search Network and social business networking.

We use open communication

It’s the only way!

We offer real opportunities

What you see is what you get.

We present real people

All our opportunities and specialists are checked out and referenced by our headhunting specialist.

Our methods are transparent

We don’t have anything to hide!