A little bit about us

A little bit about us

The destination for experts with a digital, technology and data skill set, the Open Search Network empowers and brings together the best minds in the business. Our network of over 30,000 members are a community of data scientists, data engineers, devops, biodata data architects, research scientists, cyber security experts, from consultants to directors, up to the executive level. We work with individuals and organisations across financial services, professional services, technology and the public sector. Headquartered in London, we manage an international talent pool to find experts for the Italian market. Since its founding in 2013, Open Search Network, member of the Italian National Association of Artificial Intelligence (AIIA), has served an ever-growing number of clients in different industries.Over the years, Open Search Network has learned that most of the problems enterprises may face are related to the so-called 3 Ps: People, Products and Project. So far, Open Search Network has only dealt with People. But now, thanks to our knowledge of the Italian Data market, we have decided to expand our activity to include the other two Ps, Products and Project.

We offer three primary services

SW Development

Across three areas

Data Science

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence

Data Engineering

Engineering Management, Data Architecture

Data Strategy

Blockchain, Cyber Security, Cloud Transformation

For three prime pools of talent

Senior Management
Middle Management

We Are


The only recruitment company specialised in Data Profiles for Italian job openings in Italy and abroad.


The first recruitment company to run Data Challenges and Data Hackathons to assess candidate skills.


The first recruiters to be specialised in this specific field of Search, which makes us “not just sales”.



We’re a network

Over the years, we’ve met and worked with experts from fields including artificial intelligence, machine learning, blockchain, cyber security and cloud transformation. Tapping into this network keeps us abreast of industry intelligence and enhances the value we create working in the data community.

We’re recommended

We have long standing relationships with all our contacts as they build their careers and often our candidates go on to become clients. It’s therefore no surprise that most of our work is with returning contacts or referrals through recommendations.  Not only do our contacts come back, they tell others about us too.

We’re forming the future of search

The only consultancy that use out of the box recruitment methods tailor made to the data industry. Our popular Data Challenges and Hackathons are pushing boundaries and innovation in the recruitment and head hunting industry.

Our team

All our head hunters are certified in data and market specialists. Couple this with over twenty years recruitment and head hunting experience means we’ve got the perfect skills to gather a fuller understanding of your needs, requirements and experience. This enables us to both qualify candidate experience correctly and match career aspirations to the right opportunity at the right time.

Meet the team

Aldo Razzino
Aldo Razzino

Hello everyone and welcome to Open Search Network LTD. 

My name is Aldo, I am an Italian Headhunter with a great passion for technology. I can consider myself as an addict to all the social channels from Linkedin to Twitter, but not in a “wasting time” way. I love socials for the opportunities that they can give you and for their revolutionary power. I have graduated in Italy in Milan at the Bocconi University in Business Administration and since 2007, when I was employed at Michael Page, I have devoted my career to headhunting. 

In 2013, thanks to my adventurous spirit (I love backpacking around the world) and my baggage of professional experience in headhunting I decided to start my own business, Open Search Network LTD.

What I wanted to do with OSN was not a common headhunting agency. The market is already full of them.
I wanted something different, a headhunting company able to deliver an outstanding service. To do this, you need to focus your work on a specific job market and on a specific profile. A competitive business needs a clear and straight view, there are no doubts.

For me and for my business, these starting points were two, Italy and the Digital and Data field. Why?

Easy, firstly, I am Italian and I know how Italian professionals work and how Italian market is developing. Secondly, because my expertise is that of Data science. In the beginning, I was the only member of my startup and my own house was my only office, sometimes working from London and sometimes from Italy. Today, my business has grown up and we are a team of six people with a real and well-functioning office based in London able to provide the best headhunting service in the field of Data.

Aldo's favorites

- Backpacking
- Travelling
- Going to concerts
- Develop something new
- Apple Addicted

Aldo's highlight

- Lived in Spain and UK
- Supported the Digital Team of the Italian Government
- Living in UK since 2010
- Startup OSN on his own in 2013
- Crazy for starting up and apply innovation
Michela Pollazzon
Michela Pollazzon

Hello, I am Michela and thank you for coming to see my personal story. 

As all the other member of Open Search, I am Italian but I live and work in London since 2011. 

Here, I cover the role of Manager since I was one of the first members to join Aldo in this start-up. Anyway, I still work as a headhunter. In fact, I help the other headhunters in their selections of profiles, giving them advice and listening to their issues.

I have studied for a Bachelor's Degree in Social Science at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan and since then I have always worked in H&R. For a few years, I have worked in Italy, anyway, thanks to my experience in Page Personnel, I have decided to move to London. The reason? I wanted to develop an international career.

Here I have been HR Consultant and a business developer for the financial and accounting division for nearly two years. This work experience finished in 2011 when I have decided to come to London in order to develop my international career and learn English. In London, I have joined Executive Surf where I have started to focus my work on the Italian recruiting market. 

Later, influenced by my love for new technologies and for the people that develop and create this advanced world I joined Open Search Network in 2015. Since then, I have brought to Open Search my positive attitude and my belief in people’s honesty and goodwill.

Michela's favorites

- Dogs
- Focaccia
- Reading
- Travelling
- Walking around

Michela's highlight

- Moved to the UK in 2011
- Passionate about people
- Worked in start ups and big multinational
- Developed an international career
- In love with technology and innovation
Alessia Cavaliere
Alessia Cavaliere

Welcome on my personal page. I am Alessia headhunter at Open Search Network.   work in human resources since 2016 after an academic path in criminal studies. 

At first sight, these two fields seem to be very different. Anyway, skills like interrogation techniques and the ability to read non-verbal expressions are essential for my position.

I came to London in 2017 and, in the same year, I joined Open Search Network. Here, my skills and experience were immediately appreciated.

Why? Probably because for me a headhunter is not a machine that selects candidates,  but a friend able to suggest and advice people. With my job, I want to start a perfect long-standing relation between people and companies. A relationship that can be fruitful for both.

That is why I always keep in touch with candidates. After they start their new job, I always want to know their first impressions, their point of view and if it matches or not their own expectations. 

As a headhunter of Open Search Network focused on data profiles, I always go the extra mile thanks to my great passion for all that it is technological. I crave for all the latest technological innovations and brand-new devices ( I am Apple addicted). Moreover, I followed courses about data science in order to have a professional knowledge of this field.

In conclusion, I can say that my job at Open Search Network is distinguished by these two main features: confidence and passion for technology.

Alessia's favorites

- TV Series
- Pizza
- Apple
- Travelling
- Shopping

Alessia's highlight

- Specialized in Criminological Sciences
- Determined in achieving the objectives
- Executive Data Science Specialization
- Passionate about technology
- Enthusiast for Analysis of facial expressions
Marcella  Marzona
Marcella Marzona

Welcome to my profile, my name is Marcella, I am from Milan, Italy. Before recruitment, I have been an entrepreneur and before that a business analyst in Organisation. I love people and I stand for everyone gets their greatness. 

I have joined Open Search Network in 2017, where I work as a headhunter with candidates specialised in Cyber Security and Robotic Process Automation. I also work on mandate on ultra-niche and rare IT skills.

I have recruited entire teams and hard to find IT professionals across Europe since the beginning of my recruitment career. I had the chance to work for the IT teams of Blue Chip companies and other global leaders by placing directors of business units and functions, senior managers and junior professionals too. I am currently working on the making of the teams of the Centres of Excellence of global Big 4 consultancies and for innovative fast growing, startups using the state of the art technologies.   

I love my job because it allows making a difference in the recruitment experience of both candidates and clients. I believe that communication is key to build good long-term relationships and so do expect a phone call from me right after you gave me your phone number. In my calls, I am up to discovering what you enjoy the most about your role, what makes you tick and what is really important to you so that I can match your ambitions to the best role I have available.

We will look into every role together and I am here to support you through the whole process from the beginning to your first day of work. From call to call and through interview preparations and feedback, I take every mandate as a mission to create the best match possible to have you happy with a job you love and your new manager and teammates happy to have you as their new colleague.

Marcella 's favorites

- Pop-Corn
- Sunbathing
- Help others
- Home-decorating
- Reading

Marcella 's highlight

- International experience
- Entrepreneurship as second nature
- Tech and Life Sciences recruitment experience
- Teams' recruitment
- Fluent in English, French and Italian
Silvia Costanzo
Silvia Costanzo

Welcome to my profile. My name is Silvia and I am from Turin. I am an Italian headhunter living in London and I have joined Open Search Network in 2018 where I am specialised in Data Engineering field. 

I have a Master’s Degree in Psychology and I did various internships in both clinical and organizational psychology. Later, I worked in the HR field for a few years and I run out my own fashion business and brand. 
These two different work experiences reflect two different parts of my being. On one hand,  HR helped me to organize and prioritize, by stimulating my logical mind side. On the other hand, to work in fashion allowed me to express my creativity and improve my networking skills. 

In OSN the greatest challenge for me is to be able to respect our company’s deadlines and at the same time find the right space to take care of my candidates. 

Psychology remains one of my biggest passion and I am glad to use my skills and knowledge by helping candidates to find the best opportunities in line with their wishes. I love following them during the selection process, making them feeling at easy and offering an active listening and support for whatever request, doubt or need. It is a teamwork, in which I do celebrate with my candidates their success and I comfort them in failures, obstacles, changes and frustrations; which are part of this job and life in general. 

Silvia's favorites

- Ballet
- Acroyoga
- Travelling
- Pizza
- Seaside

Silvia's highlight

- Empathic
- Active listener
- Patient
- Recruitment experience
- Organized


We share a determination to create an open search network, a skills and intelligence community of talented individuals and organizations. Our values underpin the positive impact we create in the data community.


We are committed to working in partnership with our network to further the digital agenda in Italy and build strong teams.




We share a determination to create an open search network, a skills and intelligence community of talented individuals and organisations. Our values underpin the positive impact we create in the data community. 


We believe in open communication. This makes us easy, direct and trustworthy to work with. Our team’s sense of humour, and engaging personality is a bonus.



We’re always on the lookout for fresh talent. If you’re passionate, motivated and good with people, get in touch with our MD Aldo Razzino.

Our HR Policy includes smart working Monday and Friday, flextime, benefits such as Virgin Active membership, Vitality Healthcare insurance, Thomas International psychometric tests and MOOC Training Courses.