Predict first user bookings - Data Challenge for Sr. Data Scientist [from 01/11/2019 to 01/12/2019] -

New Data Challenge on Open Data Playground, for [from 01/11/2019 to 01/12/2019] for Data Scientist

  • Role: Sr. Data Scientist [Permanent]
  • Location: Rome
  • Type: Prediction Modelling

Data Challenge Context

Airbnb has hosted more than 60 million people in 34,000 cities worldwide. Airbnb provides a convenient source of income for owners of apartments, that would otherwise be empty, and a renting system for short periods, which is not the usual hotel.

With the increasing and the variable number of houses/rooms rented and not having access to information from other nearby announcements, it is difficult for an owner to decide the price of his property trying to maximize bookings and earnings.


  • The objective of this challenge is to provide user demographic information and their browsing sessions on Airbnb to predict which country will be the first to visit
  • You will also be asked to perform some Data Preparation & Modelling tasks

All data collected are coming from a Public Domain Licence dataset released by Airbnb and other providers.

Recruitment Process

  • Get in touch with Open Search Network headhunters to be qualified & Apply for the challenge on Open Data Playground OR Apply for challenge on Open Data Playground & Get in touch with Open Search Network headhunters to be qualified
  • Complete the challenge and upload your solution
  • Receive by email an email from to complete a logic math test [25 mandatory questions]
  • The Final League will be announced at the end of the recruitment process
  • The test is the last step of a potential Final Interview with

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