We work with in-house teams across the financial services, professional services and public sector in Italy, sourcing middle to executive level positions including CXOs wanting a new challenge, as well as flexible workers and project professionals. We understand the challenge data teams face and have useful insights into new recruitment techniques and ways of working to find the perfect fit for both parties.


Finding a partner to headhunt and secure the right data expert for your business can sometimes be a challenge. We hunt through the Open Search Network to gather the right information for you. We use our carefully crafted blend of head hunting methods, tailored for each specific role. Whether you need a talented specialist to join your team or you are looking for a new opportunity to develop your skills, we will focus our search accordingly by engaging the right connections.

Executive Search

We know the value of a high calibre digital leadership team. We have relationships with the experienced decision makers you are looking for. We also offer executive search advisory services to support your management team in the identification and development of successful organisations and data teams. We start by working closely with our clients to understand their requirements and challenges before creating a tailor- made plan. Through our powerful network of global talent, we have both the experience and the capability to find you the perfect fit.

Data Challenges

Open Data Playground 

In September we launched Open Data Playground, a data challenge platform for our STEM+ community that we created and built with Open Search Network, since 2013. On Open Data Playground, players can train and demonstrate your analytics and business skills; client are able to exploit their brand within the STEM+ community, attract and evaluate the best talent on the market. Clients are also able to create Data Challenges for Good and open their data to make a better world and engage their workforce with the Corporate Social Responsibility of the future; to create Data Challenges with their data and Open Dataset available online. 


“We started working with Open Search Networck back in 2013 mainly for what concerned Data Scientist profiles and since then we have never changed partner. The quality of CVs provided is always extremely high and outstanding is the timeliness of research. Aldo Razzino has all the necessary technical skills to immediately understand what kind of profile to look for and where.”

Massimo Pellegrino
Partner at Strategy&, part of PwC network

We offer data challenges and data hackathon
in the following areas

Data Engineering
Data Analysis
Data Visualization

Data Challenges process

Data Hackathon process